Sunday, August 17, 2008


8/11-17/08---For you faithful blog readers I figured it is time for a quick update. You might say I got bolg’d down. The first week home (Louisiana) for Carol & I has gone by very rapidly. I made an appearance at my old office so my fellow workers could see my long hair. It had not been cut in four months. After show and tell I promptly got it cut! Clint (Son) and I installed a new pressure tank and re-plumbed the water softener for our water well. We are not connected to any city water. Tom (Son-in-law) and Crystal (daughter) and I mowed the grass and trimmed the bushes at Keith’s new house which is located in Youngsville, LA about 2 miles from us. I refer to it as a house only because Keith and Maryann have never moved into it to make it a home. It is available if sometime in the distant future they want to be on dry ground for a while. Tom, Crystal & I repaired the cabinets in one of our rental units. Crystal has been painting and fixing up her bathroom. Having taken down the wire shelves and clothes brackets in order to paint the walk-in closet, it provided an opportunity to make some changes. Tom & I installed wooden shelves and new closet rods. There is much more usable storage now, and my daughter is very pleased. What are Dad’s for! There has been a little time to visit with some of our friends. We hope to see more this coming week.

In the meantime, back in Missouri, Keith and Maryann are staying quite busy keeping the boat clean and in good shape, Keith has been studying on what spare parts we are going to need aboard as we began traveling later this fall. Carol sent them a small dog made of resin to set on the boat to scare away the birds. Maybe the cleanup won’t be so difficult. We are not sure if it will work, but it has the fellow boaters looking. It will not provide any relief from the bugs however and Maryann says the mosquitoes have gotten ferocious.

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tda@ti said...

Good grief!! Do you guys not get any rest? LOL
I am tired just reading your blog today! Glad to see you are all doing well. I had trouble with black birds around my house and I ended up putting an owl that has a head that moves when the wind blows and that took care of that problem. So if the dog doesn't work, try an Owl!
In the meantime, find time to rest!! Take care and travel on....