Monday, August 8, 2016

Trip Summary 2016

What a pleasant trip this year! It was fun to have Mike and Carol Kluver on board with us in Nashville for a few days. Clarksville, Tennessee was also a highlight for the 4 McGees as we spent ten days using a rental car to take in many local attractions. Boat performance was wonderful!

Weather was outstanding, allowing water to be calm nearly every day we traveled. Hot but nice! Many days near the 100 degree mark. Operated from inside the cabin most of the time to enjoy air conditioning. Could be that we are a little spoiled. Just wanted Bobbie the boat dog to be comfy!

Traveled 1237 boat miles in 160.5 engine hours for an average speed of 7.7 mph.
Dream Manor has now traveled a life time of 10,560 miles.
Went through 26 locks this year bringing lock total to 210.
 Anchored out 5 times this year. Total of 43 times since owning the boat..
Used 1016 gallons of diesel fuel. Averaged 1.2 miles per gallon. Total fuel 9349 gals since new.

It was 46 days from leaving Demopolis, Alabama until returning. No threats of walking the gang plank during the entire trip! Boated in Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky and Tennessee.

Carol and I (Allen) are returning to Louisiana this week. Keith and Maryann are going to stay on the boat for some time before returning home to Las Vegas. We look forward to additional travels next year. This ends the blog for now until new boating begins.

Dream Manor at Clarksville.


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Don said...

So glad to see the 4 of you back at it. I've missed your reports the last few years and worried you had health issues.