Monday, August 1, 2016

Aqua to Midway

 Sunrise over Lake Pickwick as seen from Aqua Yacht Harbor.
 Sun now peaking out from behind the trees.
 Looking back at wake from Dream Manor.

Looking over the bow it can be seen how straight the cut is on this part of the Tombigbee Waterway. There is 25 miles like this with only gentle turns. Clearly was hand dug. A lot of the original river was cut straighter to make navigation possible from Mobile Bay to the Tennessee River, a distance of 450 miles. Project was completed in 1985.
 Maryann loves to exercise on the stationary bike as we navigate the waterway.
Witten lock has a lift of 84 feet. Going down the Tombigbee it lowers us down that 84 feet.
Next two locks today lowered us 30 feet each. In other words elevation is 144 feet less now.

Another super day to be on the water. Much of the time surface of the river was so smooth it almost looked like glass. Went 54.2 miles in 6.6 hours. That time was only possible because with cooperation of lock masters and spacing to not interfere with barges, there was no waiting at any of the locks today. Hope we are so lucky tomorrow! Will only stay tonight at Midway Marina at mile marker 394.

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