Monday, August 8, 2016


August 2nd was a great day on the water. Cooperation among the locks was outstanding as there was no waiting time at any of the four locks. In each case the gates were open and ready. Made 59 miles from Midway Marina to Columbus Marina in 7 hours.

August 3rd & 4th were two busy days devoted to service work. Changed filter elements in Separ filters and cleaned sediment bowels on fuel system for both main engines and generator. Changed oil and filter on generator and replaced the fuel filter. Tightened alternator belt on the generator engine and replaced water pump impeller.

August 5th was a travel day of 7.8 hours including two locks to Sumter Landing. Anchored in a secluded cove near a boat landing at mile marker 270. Hardly noticed the wind blew for a while as this location is nearly surrounded by trees and therefore well protected. Hook was set in mud in about 7 feet of water. It held very well all night. Miles today 64.9

August 6th seemed a longer day than it should have been. Raised anchor about 5:30 A.M. expecting an easy day. At mile marker 266.1 is Heflin lock and dam. Lock master had us in sequence for a quick lock down. Upon arrival at the open gate, red light stayed on. Shift change was apparently taking place as eventually a different voice came over the radio. We were told there was a tow coming down river and had priority. There was plenty of time to have been locked through before the tow arrived. Went back up river to get behind the tow. Waited 1.5 hours to be locked down. It was a nice day and eventually we just had to let go of anger that had set in from the way we were treated at the lock. It's only 53.4 miles from Sumter Landing to Demopolis but took 7.7 hours. Went directly to the fuel dock and took on 273 gallons of diesel. Made way from fuel dock to our slip in Kingfisher Bay Marina. It was a welcome sight!.
 Reflections on the water.
 Not a ripple!
 Egret standing in shallow water along the bank.
 Keith and Bobbie in the lock. Just for info-from Pickwick lake to Demopolis is an elevation change of 351 feet.

 White cliffs always attract attention.
Paddle boat tied up at our home port in Kingfisher Bay.

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