Monday, August 1, 2016

Clifton Marina Pics

July 30, 2016

Spent a pleasant day at Clifton Marina. Used courtesy car to have lunch at Meo Mia. Specializing in Cajun food it was very enjoyable. Toured downtown Clifton. That did not take long as total population is only about 1500 people! Many of them were really enjoying a nice day on the water. Calm day with lots of sunshine contributed to the busy day at the marina.
 Blue roof covers the ship store. Fuel dock in front.
 Dream Manor sits quietly just inside entrance to the marina.

looking south (upstream) at Tennessee River. Tennessee River flows north into Ohio River.
Dream Manor sits quietly just off the Tennessee River.

July 31, 2016 was cloudy with a little rain shower. Went up river. Retracing our route. Pickwick Lock raised the boat up 55 feet allowing us to be on Lake Pickwick. Traveled 8.5 miles on this beautiful lake. A significant point as three states come together: Alabama, Tennessee and Mississippi. No markers on the water to show exactly where the borders are located. Turned port into Yellow Creek (still part of Pickwick Lake). Went another 3 miles to Aqua Yacht Harbor Marina. Tied up for night having traveled 60 miles in 7 hours including the one lock.

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