Sunday, July 21, 2013

Demopolis-clean & service

July 21, 2013--Many months have passed since any new information has been entered on the blog. There has been a lot of traveling on land and business matters that had to be handled. Finally we all felt caught up and the 4mcgees are now delighted to be back on the Dream Manor. Keith and Maryann arrived in Demopolis, Alabama June 27th. Carol and Allen joined them July 9th. Lots of cleaning had to be done to restore the boat to it's proper look. A few little repairs had to be taken care of such as replacing the battery on the generator engine. There was also some corrosion on the cables where they attach to the front of the generator. Cleaned all fresh water screens on main engine and the air conditioners. Big nuisance was all the mud dauber nests found in various hiding places. We also learned they do sting when  their nests are disturbed. Hole punctured in the skin looks to be the size of pencil lead. Probably not that big, but it felt like it. Keith and Allen both experienced the hostility of those busy insects. Spider webs were plentiful. Much cleaning and then spraying with insecticide for those pesky spiders has helped to reduce their presence. Below are are photos of Keith and Maryann on the maiden voyage in there new inflatable kayak. Sure appears that Maryann is working the oars and the passenger is just riding along.

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Don said...

Really glad to see you guys back. I live vicarously through you.

Glad everyone is well.