Saturday, July 27, 2013


July 27, 2013---First post since July 22nd. Having run the engines it was discovered the sea water pump on the port engine was leaking. Ordered new pump and continued various cleaning projects while waiting on the replacement. Organized several storage boxes and tool boxes. That project has to be done now and then just as a reminder to see what all is on board. Solenoid which operates the davit has been working poorly. Removed solenoid off the transom and took it apart several times attempting to solve the problem. Sprayed with CRC in hopes of cleaning connections that might not be making proper contact. Found one little wire disconnected. Soldered it back in place. Problem still exists. Boom operates up and down but the lifting cable will only go up. Down is very intermittent. Ordered a new solenoid to be delivered to Aqua Marina in northeast Mississippi. Installed the new sea water pump yesterday. Rested today and made final preparations to travel. Filled fresh water tank. Pumped out waste tank. Made trip to Walmart to stock up on additional groceries. Plan to start navigating up the TomBigBee Waterway in the morning. It has been a task getting the Dream Manor ready to go. Not unusual to have numerous things to do after a boat sets for several months without being operated. The crew is sure ready to see something besides the slip where the boat has been docked for such a long period. Plan to be at Aqua Marina in four or five days.

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