Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Nov. 19-22, 2011---Keith and I made a trip to Demopolis. Drove my new Mustang. What a fine ride! Had the top down most of the time just enjoying the warm fall days. Someone suggested second childhood. Of course we denied the charge.

Bought the California Special GT on Thursday and went to Demopolis on Saturday.

Installed new anchor to replace one we had to cut loose. Foggy before moving the boat to a covered slip for the winter.

Dream Manor looked happy in the new location next to the main walkway.

Closed all the sea cocks. Put two oil heaters in service in the cabin. Shut off pump and drained fresh water lines. Removed King Dome TV tracker to take in for repairs. It makes an undesirable growling noise. May have a bearing problem. Took it with us and returned to Youngsville, LA on Tuesday. Will start adventures on the boat in the Spring.


RoN Friend said...

SWEET Ride. Both the GT and Dream Manor. DM looks very happy in her new location.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Ron. Always nice to hear from you. -M-