Saturday, May 26, 2012


May 20 thru 25, 2012 ----- Keith, Maryann and Allen traveled from Youngsville, Louisiana to Demopolis, Alabama. Arrived Kingfisher Bay Marina at 8:00 p.m. First task was to get the fresh water pump in operation for restroom needs. Next order of business was TV. After being gone for a long period of time it is necessary to contact Direct TV and reactivate the signals to each set. Next several days were dedicated to pressure washing the boat. The winter accumulation of dirt was awesome. Took one day to just wash down the fly bridge and sun deck. Cleaning the seats was a major task. Set the dingy in the water to clean the platform. It was a pleasant relief to find the davit worked well with no electrical problems. Apparently spraying all connections with a protective coating last fall did the trick. Washed cabin walls and main deck. It was suggested it may be necessary to dredge after washing so much dirt off the boat. Cleaned stainless steel rails. Thoroughly washed all windows. Wow, it is nice to open blinds and be able to see out! At last Dream Manor smiled with pride. Pumped accumulation of rain water from the engine compartment. Perhaps three gallons or so. Added a quart of antifreeze to the port engine. Started the diesel engines and let them run about thirty minutes for a good warm up. Moved the boat over to the last covered slip to check Kingdome placement for TV service. With boat tied to the south side of the slip a good signal was acquired with the dome back in it's rightful position on the bill of the boat. This allowed removal of the two cables that had been temporarily strung to the rear of the boat. Had removed the Kingdome for repairs. Bearings had worn and the unit was hanging up part of the time when rotating for a signal. It tracks great now and should be good for a few years. Cleaned "Lil Dreamer" (dingy) and started the engine on first attempt. Made a run to the fuel dock and back to check performance. Everything worked fine and looked good as the dingy was secured along the swim platform. Took all seat covers to the laundromat for a thorough cleaning. Also had a pile of dirty clothes that were well splattered from all the pressure washing that had been done. Boating neighbors and marina management sure are pleased to see the Dream Manor all nice and shiny! Pictures on the left show the before look, and those on the right show look after cleaning. 


Anonymous said...

All your hard work paid off.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Of course no mention was made of my vacuuming & dusting the entire inside plus cleaning all the inside glass. Of course the guys had the REALLY hard work, but still... Hope the Mayflies are gone soon. Love, M

RoN Friend said...

Welcome back to boating 2012. Looking forward to hearing from you guys and maybe hooking up this year.

RoN Friend