Sunday, May 1, 2011


May 1, 2011---TVA report shows water level at 370.5 feet an increase of 1.10 ft in last 24 hours. Total increase of 11.40 feet since first recording the data on Apr 26th. The planks are still serving okay as a walkway.

Getting closer to the bottom of the elevated structures. Should be okay though as the dams are releasing more water and the level is more stable.

Drove to Paducah for groceries. crossed over the Ohio river into Illinois to check out the flooding. The large bridge crossed the river but all the low lands on either side are covered with water nearly up to the road.

This older power line is not far above the water.

Short trip into Illinois.

Returned to Kentucky. Checked out the retaining wall in Paducah. All the gates are in place and there is no way to see how high the water is behind the wall. Must be some pressure because there was a place where the water was coming up thru a crack in the sidewalk. It looked like a little fountain.

Baby geese seemed unconcerned that it has rained off and on all day.

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Honey, I think you need an editor or at least spell chedk. Love YOU.