Tuesday, May 3, 2011


May 3, 2011---Water elevation at 372.00 feet. Up 1.25 feet from yesterday for a total of 13.35 feet. Man in the water working on the board crossing said it was @#!--># cold!

Getting closer to the top step.

Dream Manor just pays no attention to the water level. Only the crew notices looking out the cabin window we are higher than the cars on land.

Larger boats that were in the dry dock area began to float.Last of them were moved and tied to the floating docks.

Dry Dock area looks empty now.

Remember when Keith was standing under the Yacht Club. Now the floating dock is forced up against the concrete supports.

Another view of the Yacht Club.

Ship store now has water inside.

Ship store sign looks lonesome in the water.

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Don said...

Those wooden blanks seem really precarious. Can't they get a piece of aluminum scaffolding or walkway that is wider and more sturdy?

Be careful McGees. It's going to take a long time for this water to recede once it stops raining and I think we have a least a few more weeks of rain.