Thursday, April 28, 2011


Apr. 28, 2011---Compare this first picture on the right to the similar one taken yesterday. Notice the rusty looking vertical pipes (spuds) that hold the dock in place are no longer visible.

It is difficult to imagine the volume of water that is being held back behind the dams. Water level has risen 6 feet in the past 2 1/2 days. (Rose 1' in past 7 hrs). Keith is looking at the walkway to the stairs. It is nearly level instead of inclining upward.

Dream Manor simply floats with no realization that Lake Barkley is 134 miles long, Kentucky Lake is 184 miles long and are joined together about 1 mile from Green Turtle Bay. Water level here is expected to rise another 10 feet or more. Just imagine how much water it takes to raise these lakes that much!

Walkway behind the fuel dock is already going under.

Water is starting to come up on the land in front of Boat Work's shop. Travel lift will soon be sitting in water.

Channels where the travel lift moves in and out over the water to pick up boats are no longer visible. Looking across the bay, Dream Manor is facing the large tree on the left.

Found a loose connection on the davit wiring. Now that it is functioning okay it was time to check out the dinghy. Found the battery was dead. Got it charged and reinstalled. Put the "Little Dreamer" in the water and held our breath when the ignition button was pushed. Wow, the 20 HP Honda started immediately. Took a ride around the marina to observe the rising water. Island where the sign marks the entrance is beginning to go under water. Behind Keith the retaining rock wall can barely be seen. The Blue Heron sitting on the retaining wall will soon have wet feet.

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