Friday, April 29, 2011


Apr. 29, 2011---Morning water level check. Keith is showing the ramp leading to the stairs is now a downhill slope to the point where it is hinges at the shoreline. Water rose nearly 3 feet in the past 24 hours. Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) reports the reservoir elevation behind the dam in feet above sea level. The morning of April 26th elevation was 358.65 feet. This morning, 3 days later the elevation is 366.60 feet. That is an increase of 7.95 feet.

Notice all the anchors on this pontoon boat. Marina staff members have been working hard to secure the docks as the water level rises. Anchors are being set at the ends of the docks to help to secure them in place. We loaned them our spare anchor and an additional line. Other boaters have also made some of their equipment available.

View behind the fuel dock.

Looking toward the Boat Work's shop, water now covers the open parking area.

View from the backside of the shower house.

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