Sunday, June 20, 2010


Jun 15-18, 2010---Boat out of the water for repairs. Living on the boat as it is held in the travel lift. Allen and Carol arrived from Louisiana. After Boat Works mechanics installed new shafts and props, final alignment was done on the starboard engine.

Climbing the ladder to get on the swim platform was not everbodys favorite access. We are looking forward to getting back in the water.

Boat Works of Green Turtle Bay.

Keith is walking behind the boat as inspections are being done in preparation to put the boat back in the water. Upper left in that picture can be seen the location where the travel lift lowers the boat into the water.

Travel lift operator carefully moving into position.

Keith, Maryann and Carol were watching intently as we got closer to the entry point.

All is well as the boat was carefully returned to the water.
There was certainly some excitement as we started the engines and traveled out of the marina to Lake Barkley. Gave the boat a good sea test. Everything appears to be okay.

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Anonymous said...

Not sure if you folks are aware the USACE has made some changes to the inland waterways charts:

This one is in particular to the mouth of the Cumberland River. If you do head north check the updates to the charts around the mouth of the Wabash River in Illinois.

Fair winds and good currents,

Miss Nauti