Monday, April 26, 2010


Apr 24, 2010---What a day to travel. The weather was deadly in Mississippi. Fortunately we were about 3 hours behind the front and experienced no problems. Tornados touched down across the central part of Mississippi causing a lot of destruction and loss of life. Town of Yazoo was hit particularily hard. Upon arrival at our boat in Columbus, Mississippi it was a relief to find everything was okay at the marina. There had been about 5 inches of rain with only small hail and no damage was found. Carol chose not to come to the boat until a later date. Clint came along to drive Keith's Vehicle back to Youngsville.

Apr 25, 2010---After traveling on Saturday it was appropriate to spend Sunday getting reaquainted with the "Dream Manor". The boat seemed glad to have someone aboard after the long winter. Exterior of the boat is long over due for a good scrub down. Spiders thought they were in charge until Keith sprayed with some spider killer! Clint drove back home with no problems.

Apr 26, 2010---Windy and cold today. Plans to wash the boat changed! Will wait for warmer weather. Maryann cleaning the inside. There was a little water in the bilge of the cuddy that had come in from the bow storage area during the hard rain. Keith and Allen used sponges to remove the water and clean the collection troughs.


Anonymous said...

I am happy to see you guys made it back to the Dream Manor, and I bet she was glad to see all of you, and is anxiously awaiting a good bath, guess that will have to wait for better weather! Looking forward to your posts once you are travelling again. Have a good time for me !! Vicki, RN (Maryann and Keith's friend and loyal Juice Plus+ customer)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Vicki. Thanks for popping in and welcoming us HOME. Loved your comments! We'll look forward to you & D joining us someday.
Love, K & M 0:-)