Friday, April 30, 2010


Apr. 29, 2010---The local flock of geese is expanding. There are 5 goslings with these two adults.

During the off season Toup's Propeller Service in Abbeville, LA reconditioned the original props and opened the blades from 26 to 27 pitch. We are anxious to see what the performance will be on the 20"x 27 cupped props. Divers working nearby on another boat got started changing out our props. The water was very cold but progress was being made until they ran short of air. Could not keep them inspired to dive with the worn out belt slipping on the compressor!

Decided to check out the davit and the dinghy for proper operation and performance. Everything worked great! Took a ride up the TomBigBee about two miles to scout out floating debris. Found the waterway to be fairly clear.

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