Thursday, May 7, 2009


May 2-7, 2009---On Monday the 4th, packing was completed and bags loaded in Keith's Roadtrek. The 4 mcgees are now together again and spent a fun day traveling from Youngsville, LA to the boat in Demopolis Al. Enroute we stopped at the Cart Man in Jackson, MS to get propane. It was a treat to see the 10 Commandents on public display in front of the business.

Upon arrival at the marina the flowers attracted attention. The old alligator almost looks real.

Preparing the boat to travel certainly requires groceries. That was first priority followed by getting all of the supplies stowed away.

On the 5th we shopped for various other items to finish the maintenance list.

Carol and Maryann may have been dreaming as they took each others picture in the arms of Elvis Presley. Seems to be quite an attraction at the marina.

Wed the 6th, brother & I installed a pump on the transom inside the engine compartment and equipped it with sufficient 3/8" hose to reach the engines and transmissions. It will now be much easier to change oil & transmission fluid. Before this a bucket with the pump on top was used to pull out the fluids. Also installed about a foot of hose on each of the two sediment bowl drains to more easily get the fluids into a container sitting on the floor. A trip to the laundry was needed to wash the bedding and a few clothes.

It was partly cloudy on the 7th with warm sunshine breaking through the clouds. A fine day to wash the boat. The Dream Manor looks great now and seems anxious to travel up the Tombigbee Waterway. If conditions are favorable in the morning that is what will happen.

Carol & Allen went to James Suttles place to view his old trucks.

Carol wanted her picture taken with the 1929 Model A truck that was used on the Walton's show.

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