Sunday, May 24, 2009


May 22, 2009---Replaced the oil pressure sensor on the generator. This should correct the problem of the generator going down on LOP when there is no mechanical pressure problem.

Received our dinghy! Two of the maintenance personnel at Grand Harbor Marina unloaded the equipment from the shipping truck with a small fork lift. With their help we put the 11 ½ foot-long “Achilles” hard bottom boat on a trailer and inflated the air chambers. We installed the 20 HP 4-stroke Honda engine on the transom. After putting oil in the engine and some gasoline in the fuel tank we were ready to go. Using a golf cart equipped with a trailer hitch, the trailer was towed to the boat launch and with some excitement Keith & I put the boat in the water for the first time. The Honda engine started immediately and we made our way thru the marina to the “Dream Manor”. Installation and adjustment of the lifting harness took a few tries before the boat was balanced. It was quite a thrill to use our davit for the first time! It worked great as the boat was lifted from the water and set on the stern platform. We began installing the supports under the boat. As it was getting late in the evening we decided to stop work and give the ladies a ride around the marina. Carol and Maryann enjoyed their first ride.

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