Monday, May 18, 2009


May 18, 2009---As we slept the stern anchor had come loose and the boat was turned 180 degrees from previous position. Sure was a good thing the bow anchor held and there was room to turn! The wind had died to a gentle breeze and the sun shined brightly. We pulled in both anchors and went back to the Grand Harbor Marina to fill the fresh water tank. While at the marina a neat little house boat went by. It looks like a duck blind but it is actually a hot dog stand.

We moved up river to a small cove called the "Falls". The wind on Pickwick Lake was brisk enroute to the cove. We delibertly grounded the boat on a sandy/gravel bar and hand carried the anchors to the opposite side. It was quite pleasant out of the wind and facing the lake. Captain Keith looks sharp on the bow.
The boat was made secure and the intention was to spend the night. However the Kohler generater was giving us problems and could not keep it running. Released anchors and returned to Grand Harbor Marina.
Looks like someone finally walked the plank! I was lucky it went to land. Behind Carol in the shadow of the trees can be seen the small waterfall that gave this cove it's name.

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