Wednesday, April 22, 2009


4/22/09---I recently enjoyed meeting James Suttles. He owns a house boat parked near the Dream Manor and has a couple staying on the boat (Joe & Sandy Ryhn).
His home is located just south of Demopolis. I went with Joe and Sandy to see the property and meet the horses. Sandy really enjoys riding.
Inside a very large metal building is a collection of mostly old trucks. Mr. Suttles owned his own trucking company. Through many years he has purchased and salvaged these old trucks.
One of his pleasures is to drive them to various shows. Hauling America is the upcoming event held in Huntsville, AL on May 28-30, 2009.
Joe started the 1929 Model A Ford that James Suttle purchased from Universal Studios after the last episode of the Waltons. The fine old 4 cylinder engine ran very well.
After starting the old Walton truck, Joe fired up the newest truck in the fleet. He is partial to the Peter Built which is much like the truck he used to drive in previous years of employment.

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Anonymous said...

I like the 57 chevy and the Walton truck. mg