Friday, April 10, 2009


4/10/09---After a good nights sleep and a fine brunch we said our goodbyes and left Carol's uncle's home in Casa Grande and headed east on I-10.

Taking pictures from a moving vehicle is not very successful. Only a few shots of vegetaion looked okay.

Huge rocks attracted our attention. We stopped at a rest stop and found some information. The area with the large rocks is
called Texas Canyon. Who knows for sure about the name since we were still in Arizona.

According to the signs, the indian chief "Cochise" was in this region for many years.

Crossing into New Mexico seemed little different, as there was nothing but more dessert. However the wind was really blowing and there was lots of dust in the air. It was not as bad as the yellow sign indicated it must get at times. After driving in the wind all afternoon it was time to rest.

Las Cruces, New Mexico seemed like a good place to stop. We checked into a Comfort Inn and I devoted some time to getting the blog updated. I hope you readers enjoy the pictures. We sure enjoy taking them.

Oh, by the way--Keith & Maryann are in Laurel, Montana visiting with family and friends.

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