Sunday, April 12, 2009


4/11/09---What a windy day! It was blowing up large clouds of dust from the desert floor. However it was not so bad as the yellow sign indicates it can get. The picture with all the brush is not really blurry, that is dust in the air. Everything in Texas is big including the speed limit. In other states you get stopped and fined for traveling that fast! Driving 80 MPH with a strong cross wind probably caused some tire wear on Brother's van as it was necessary to crab into the wind. Hang on to the steering wheel, if the wind gusted and let up it made guiding a challenge. The end of the Rocky Mountains near El Paso are quite majestic as they rise high above the desert. There are no trees on the mountains. The rock takes on a dark lavender appearance. Purple mountain majesty. We looked south across the Rio Grande Valley, but had no desire to cross the border into mexico.

There was an area on the dessert (or great plains) about half way between El Paso and San Antonio that was so far from civilization no radio stations could be heard. I had to listen to my wife for many miles. (Wait until she reads this!)

We stopped in Fort Stockton for lunch and an opportunity for Carol to have her picture taken with the road runner. Maryann had previously sent her a picture of this very large replica and Carol wanted to see it in person.
We continued on to San Antonio for the night.

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