Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Mar. 5, 2010---National Houseboat Expo, Louisville, KY.

Of course immediate attention was directed to the Gibson boat! This 55' Classic gained lots of inquiries during the show.

The split galley has a lot of appeal because two people can work at the same time very efficiently. Also provides extra storage areas.

Helm console is more spacious to accomodate electronics.

See through glass sinks have become quite popular.
Yacht-style sliding doors in the cabin are very nice.
A great new feature is dual-pane windows and insulated walls!

Carol checked out the new Gibson from bottom to top.

Tom Austin on the right is Gibson's General Manager.
Look at the sign above. Who's boat is prominently displayed! Watch for it on the cover of April's issue of Houseboat magazine.

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