Thursday, December 11, 2008


12/11/08---What a sight! The grass is covered with white stuff. "Snow"!!?? This is Youngsville, Louisiana---not Wyoming. The snow flakes looked large while it was still dark. A fine snowman was promptly built. It will not last very long as the ground is still warm. As the day temperature rises, the snow will melt away. My daughter (Crystal) enjoyed making a snow angel. It is looking a lot like Christmas as Santa stands near the reindeer.

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Allen,
I just returned from your old boating grounds around St. Charles and Alton. As I crossed the Mississippi River on the Golden Eagle Ferry I tossed out a link of boudin in your honor. During your future boating travels downstream, if you see a link of boudin floating by think of me. However, I would not recommend trying to retrieve it; it may not be boudin! I hope all of you have a joyous holiday season.
Ron Garber