Monday, December 8, 2008


11-29-08 thru 12-07-08 The days pass quickly here in Louisiana. We are all busy preparing for Christmas and doing household projects that seem to stack up when we are gone for long periods of time. Lafayette, LA kicked off the Christmas season with the lighting of Santa over the cross walk from the medical center to the hospital. There was a nice crowd out for the evening. Keith & Maryann posed by a nicely lighted tree. Carol chose one that was on display in a store. Keith may have looked a little grumpy, but he soon smiled as the free popcorn was finished and put in a sack for him. You can see by the jackets that it was a little cool. But not "cold" like you folks in the north are experiencing. There were local groups singing Christmas carols and everyone had a good time. That activity took place on the 5th.

Sunday the 7th we went downtown and enjoyed the "Sonic" Christmas parade. There were 17 floats and 13 high school bands. The various floats were throwing candy, soft drink tokens, stuffed animals and other things. Those things were being tossed into the crowds of people that lined the streets. The children really enjoy catching the toys and candy. Of course the last float was carrying Santa Claus. He probably had a tired arm from waving by the time the parade ended.

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