Monday, June 23, 2008


6/22/08---Spent a great afternoon at the 2008 Creve Couer Drag Boat Classic. The event was held on the Creve Couer Lake in Saint Louis, MO. It is interesting to see how fast the boats are in a ¼ mile run. Each class has a specific number of seconds to make the run. For example the class we are most interested in is the “Modified Class” because we know the driver. She is a 17 year old girl by the name of Ashley Ruf sponsored by Little John’s Motor Sports. (John is the person who made and installed the stainless steel rails on our boat). The racing class Ashley is in has to make the run in no less than 10 seconds. If faster than that there is no score. The idea is to be as close to the correct time as possible. Two boats run at the same time. The one crossing the finish line first without going under the allotted time is the winner of that heat. The 14’ boat she runs has a 1200 HP engine. The name of the boat is “KWITCHABITCHIN” It will reach 100 MPH in 3 ½ seconds. Her Dad says that as long as she maintains her straight “A” average in school, she can continue to race. Anyway she had a terrific day beating her competition each heat with scores such as 10.11 seconds, 10.08 seconds and 10.02 seconds. It was fun to get our picture taken with the champion! Be sure to click on the diamond shaped arrow at the lower left of the water picture to start the video of the final race for the Championship.

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